Wellness and Chronic Health Care Support

  • Holistic Interventions to assist clients with health challenges (hypnosis)
  • Emotional Recovery from surgeries, therapies and chronic illnesses
  • Psychological assessments to determine readiness for some surgical procedures (e.g. Bariatric surgeries)
  • Identifying psychological risk factors and areas of emotional sensitivity.
  • Because the mind and body work together we provide the emotional support that often helps the body heal for:
    • Pain management
    • Associated Depression
    • Traumas and the stressful effects of some medical therapies

Counseling and Psychotherapies

  • Cutting edge Therapeutic Interventions that tailor the best therapeutic techniques to your needs and does not attempt to pigeon hole you into a few strategies
  • Our expert clinicians are well versed in:
    • Hypnosis
    • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies
    • Stress Management Programs
    • Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatments
    • Anger and Behavioral Therapies
    • Problem-Solving and Analytical Therapies
    • Energy Psychology Techniques that integrate mind-body strategies for rapid recovery programs (EMDR, CLEAR, TAT, TFT, and Reiki)
    • Message Therapies
    • Financial Counseling (recessionlifeline.net)

    We provide treatment for the very young to the elderly. Early childhood concerns, Marriage and Family issues, Individual and Relationship therapies, Geriatric Adjustments and Family Support Conflicts.