Wellness and Chronic Health Care Support

  • Holistic Interventions to assist clients with health challenges (hypnosis)
  • Emotional Recovery from surgeries, therapies and chronic illnesses
  • Psychological assessments to determine readiness for some surgical procedures (e.g. Bariatric surgeries)
  • Identifying psychological risk factors and areas of emotional sensitivity.
  • Because the mind and body work together we provide the emotional support that often helps the body heal for:
    • Pain management
    • Associated Depression
    • Traumas and the stressful effects of some medical therapies

Counseling and Psychotherapies

  • Cutting edge Therapeutic Interventions that tailor the best therapeutic techniques to your needs and does not attempt to pigeon hole you into a few strategies
  • Dr. Lassiiter is well versed in:
    • Hypnosis
    • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies
    • Stress Management Programs
    • Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatments
    • Anger and Behavioral Therapies
    • Problem-Solving and Analytical Therapies
    • Energy Psychology Techniques that integrate mind-body strategies for rapid recovery programs (EMDR, CLEAR, TAT, TFT, and Reiki)

                               Financial Counseling (recessionlifeline.net) We provide treatment for adults to the elderly.  Work related trauma, Marriage and Family issues, Individual and Relationship therapies, Geriatric Adjustments and Family Support Conflicts.